Adrian Adams is a model of the professionalism in the legal world. He is extremely knowledgeable, dependable and conducts his business with the integrity. His years of experience and breadth of knowledge make Adrian extremely valuable to his clients and colleagues. Adrian sets the standard for legal advice for Common Interest Developments. Adrian Adams is great, use him! -David Bethany, Principal, Bethco Builders 

I am very happy to recommend to you Adrian Adams, Esq. for any and all legal work relating to common interest developments. I have known Adrian for at least 15 years and have used his law firm many, many times to handle legal matters involving our HOA clients. I can attest that the work which Adrian’s firm provides is absolutely outstanding and we have always been very satisfied. -Craig Lee, Lily Management

Throughout my years of portfolio and high rise general management I had the honor of working with Adams Kessler on several legal cases. I was very pleased with the service provided and with the knowledge of the firms principals and would highly recommend this law firm. -Ron Modaraei, Action Property Management

Adrian Adams’ company created and supports which I believe to be the best information resource available to board members and service providers of homeowners’ associations. His concise and witty weekly newsletters are probably the easiest and most pleasant way to stay updated on legal issues concerning HOA’s. As a president of an HOA board I have benefited a lot from both, and really appreciate Adrian’s responsiveness to readers’ questions and feedback. It is hard to over estimate the value of Adrian’s contribution to the education of HOA board members and managers. I have no doubt that this has already saved and will continue saving lots of money and trouble for HOA’s its members and courts who have to contend with issues of communal living in a litigious society. -Irina Anissimova, McCahan, Helfrick, Thiercof & Butera 

Adrian has decades of experience in HOA related law. He is knowledgeable, diligent and whenever I have needed legal insight on an condominium related question (not my area of expertise) he has been my “go to” guy. He never let me down. -Mary E. Gram, Esq.

Adrian J Adams is one of the top attorneys AWS has ever worked with in the CID industry. I have known Adrian and his firm for over 15 years, and have referred my clients to him for legal advice. I worked as an expert witness on a construction defect case with Adrian and got first hand knowledge of how hard Adrian works for his clients. We highly recommend Adrian Adams and his law office. -Carl Brown, RCI, RRO, General Manager, AWS Consultants Inc.

Adrian Adams is unique among CID attorneys. In my opinion, he has the most appropriate experience and credentials to represent community associations. In his former life, Adrian managed CIDs. He decided that he could serve the industry and earn a comfortable living too. So, back to school he went to earn his law degree. As a practicing attorney he now offers his clients a truly hands on perspective. His website is a font of knowledge and helpful information for anyone smart enough to check it out. We are fortunate to have Adrian, one of a few truly outstanding CID attorneys. -Judy G. Campion, AMS, PCAM, Campion Management

Adrian is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and careful as an association’s general counsel. When serving as litigation counsel he is a fierce advocate; when serving as mediation counsel he drives a hard bargain but is ethical enough to allow his clients to make the decisions necessary for their own best interests without interference. I recommend him without equivocation. -James Lingl, Mediator/Arbitrator, Lingl ADR Services 

Adrian has been my attorney for ten years. I have found his work to be efficient, effective and wise. His ability to explain complex material in a simple yet accurate manner is exemplary. I trust his counsel. -Tom Granoff, Ph.D.

In addition to his work as an attorney, Adrian has appeared as an expert that provides opinions on matters related to property management. I would estimate that Adrian and I have worked together on an expert team 12 or more times, and on each occasion, Adrian provided insightful observations, pragmatic solutions to problems, as well as clear and concise opinions that were relevant to the case. In conversation during which we have discussed the elements of a case, he has assisted me (perhaps without knowing it) in developing opinions as an industrial hygiene expert witness. Adrian has demonstrated that he is well aware of the responsibilities of property managers and on every occasion, he has been thorough, detail-oriented, and professional. Indeed working with Adrian has consistently been both a thought-provoking and rewarding experience. -Brian Daly, President, Hygiene Technologies International, Inc. 

For me personally, over the past five (5) years, Adrian J. has provided legal updates and other pertinent information regarding the operation and management of Homeowners Associations that must operate under the cloud of the Davis-Stirling Act. Prior to that time he was also a personal employment contact for me for opportunities in this field. -Julian Mayer, CFM, General Manager, Park Wilshire HOA

All of us at James Ernst Accounting are very pleased with the services Adrian Adams’ law firm, Adams Kessler PLC, provides through their website “” The information is timely, accurate, informative and humorous. I am pleased to be able to recommend his services and his website to HOA professionals and service provider as well as all members of the HOA community. -James Ernst, James Ernst Accounting

Adrian’s has created a metamorphosis within the CID Industry through providing instant access to information for managers, board members and homeowners. His weekly newsletter is both insightful, and often, entertaining. The combination of the two has created a vehicle not only for information, but awareness of the operational requirements of community associations. His “out of the box” thinking and ability to diffuse tension through humor carries over to his clients in moving them past the emotional side of issues and instead placing focus on global perspective and cause and effect of their decisions/actions. -Vicki MacHale, Executive Director Ark Management 

Adrian is on my very short list of sharp guys who are making our community association industry a better place. I’ve known him for about two decades (interfacing with him in management issues, education projects, and as we currently serve mutual clients). His clients benefit from his expertise and that of his legal team, and the entire California Community Association industry benefits from his online resources. I’m proud to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with this guy into the future. -Robert Nordlund, PE, RS, Owner, Association Reserves, Inc. 

Adrian Adams is a highly skilled attorney and consultant specializing in property management for homeowner associations, managers, and realtors. I worked directly with, and for him as a Community Relations Rep in an exclusive, private community in Southern California. He not only led our staff with insight and education, he handled many of the common issues within an Association with grace, and an unbelievable ability to implement balanced policies and procedures to even the toughest Board of Directors. It was a privilege to have him as a mentor, and to have learned from someone dedicated to superior service to his clients. I would endorse and recommend his services without hesitation, as his level of knowledge would be an asset to any company! -Cynthia Hayes, Owner, Life Chimes, International

Adrian’s weekly internet HOA column is always informative, and his unique blend of humor, the law, and reality is refreshing. He gets deeper into subjects than most real estate columns and blogs, which is helpful to the typical lay person whom accepts HOA BOD duties. His work is detailed, accurate, and his openness to include outside professionals opinions and information makes his writings a valuable tool to the user. He has been a strong supporter of the industry through legislative action groups, and his, and his associates, standing in the industry offer great perspective and support in representing HOA’s best interests throughout the State. I would recommend Adrian to anyone in need of real estate law services. -Scott Clements, RS, PRA, CMI COO, Reserve Studies Inc.

Adrian and I were classmates at Southwestern Univ. School of Law. I have consulted with him at his firm on condominium law. Adrian’s firm has one of the most comprehensive websites on California condo law that I have seen and he has substantial experience in this area of the law. I would recommend that anyone with a condo related issue consult with him and his firm. -Tom Difloure, Attorney, Law Office of Thomas L. Difloure 

Adrian and his staff have been a great asset to our homeowners association. We have used him in the past and started using him again about 5 years ago. Most recently he helped us rewrite and pass our CC&Rs. Adrian is very personable and is a trustworthy source of legal advice and he writes a terrific newsletter! -Debbie Reitz, President Raintree Condominiums Association

As a General Manager for a Community Association Management firm, having the right information is crucial for educating my managers.Upon many occasions, I have inquired as to specific information or opinion on process or recent legislature and Mr. Adams has been quick to respond with an educated opinion that I value greatly. I have immense respect for Mr. Adams and his firm. As a company, their website ( is an incredible resource to us. I truly appreciate the quality of work that comes from Mr. Adams and his firm. I would recommend them to anyone. -Jeff Farnsworth, CCAM, Vice President / General Manager, Steward Property Services, Inc.

Adrian has actively participated for many years in the Common Interest Development industry trade associations that I am involved with, and we provide services to many mutual clients. He has always been both professional and personable, as well as are the attorneys and other personnel at his firm. The newsletter he provides is a great forum for sharing unique “real-life” legal scenarios with practical solutions and good advice. -Les Weinberg, Owner, Reserve Studies Inc.

I’ve known Adrian for many years and have worked with him extensively on a number of projects and cases. He is a very smart, experienced attorney and an excellent advocate for his clients. He is dedicated and highly respected in the homeowner association industry. Adrian has high integrity and I have found we always have a meeting of the minds and consensus on how to work for the best interests of our mutual clients. I recommend him without hesitation. -Bart Mendel, President, Stonemark Construction Management 

Adrian’s website, Davis, is an excellent source of information for general community association advice. Also, his background makes him a very effective general counsel. I would highly recommend him as a general counsel to any association. -Howard J. Silldorf, Silldorf & Levine, LLP

As a homeowner association Board Member for over 35 years, the information and resources provided by Adrian personally, the Adams Kessler Law Firm and the phenomenal web site have come an indispensable resource for myself and virtually thousands of HOA volunteers throughout the State of California. I highly recommend Adrian and his firm. -Richard S. Zizian JD, President, Grande North at Santa Fe Homeowner’s Association

I have known Adrian since our days at Southwestern and we have remained friends and colleagues for almost 20 years. Simply stated, Adrian is the expert when it comes to condo associations. As a real estate litigation attorney, I often consult Adrian for his opinion on the tough issues that come across my desk involving his area of expertise; I am always appreciative of his top-flight advice. -John A. Messina, Jr., Partner, Kelly Lytton & Williams LLP

Adrian Adams provides an invaluable service to the common unit development/home owner association industry. His newsletters keep us on our toes and up to date. When our association was sued by a couple of owners, Adrian’s expert testimony helped us win 100% of our case. He truly has in depth knowledge of how to handle the most complicated HOA situation. -Ira Green, Surfside III Condominium Owners Association